Bienvenue chez Rugglez!

I hope you enjoy what you see here. Come back any time to keep up with what I’m doing or creating, or add me to your RSS reader to automatically get updates. If you have an upcoming event, would like some portraits made, are a model and want to work with me, or would like to commission some photographs, please feel free to get in touch.

Who or what is Rugglez?

I am Rugglez! I am a photographer based in Brixton, London. I enjoy many different styles of photography – If I like the look of something, then I like to photograph it. I am always after a challenge, searching for inspirational locations, people and things as subjects. My passion lies most definitely in photographing people. Be it candid, street photography, at events, family portraits or working with models.

And finally….

I am always looking for models, so don’t be shy. To be a part of my work, for any bookings or enquiries, please use the contact button on the menu, or feel free to contact me using my Social Media or Portfolio site accounts.