Fuji have stopped making Packfilm!

I read on PetaPixel a couple of days back that Fuji is going to stop making the last of its Packfilm. This means that all of us shooting with Polaroid backs on medium format, large format or even using on Polaroid and Fuji Pack cameras are soon going to run out of film, or be paying £50 a pack for old stock. Its a real shame as this film is wonderful to use, gives instant feedback and provides you with a massive negative to go and scan too.


For anyone interested in this film, I am sharing the link below as wide as I can. Its only a small gesture, but things like this may be enough to change Fuji’s minds. Stranger things have happened. Please click on the link below to sign the petition at change.org and maybe we can save Fuji Packfilm. Please share amongst your friends, Twitter, Facebook etc..

Save Fujifilm FP100C Instant Films
Save Fujifilm FP100C Instant Films

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  1. And lots of not good at all updates on progress so far. It really does look like Impossible are not going to touch this. But how do you get someone to try and save this machinery before its too late? The cost of removing and storing this kit alone will run in to many £000’s I would guess.





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