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“Rugglez is an internationally published, agency represented photographer

who always puts 117% in to every shoot.

Rugglez usually prefers not to talk about himself in the third person”


Who am I?
I am rugglez. My friends call me rugglez and people I know call me rugglez. So rugglez it is! Thank you 😀

What do I shoot?
My most recent images are in my main portfolio on PurplePort or see my work others have posted there – More of my work on other portfolios

Would I like you to send me your rates?
No thank you. If I have paid work to offer, I will contact people I have already worked with.

What styles do I like?
I love emotions, expression and a story behind an image. I often shoot very dark and odd angles. My portfolio on PurplePort has many examples.

What do I want to shoot?
I am always looking to push my boundaries and experiment. Examples of the things I like or want to shoot are:-

  • Muscle, tone and bodyscapes
  • Elegant, classy and unusual lingerie and corsetry
  • Fashion nudes
  • Boudoir and erotica
  • Latex, bondage, bdsm – anything fetish
  • Designer, unusual or bespoke clothing

What styles do I not shoot?
We all have different tastes. The following just do not appeal to me:-

  • Pin-up
  • 40s, 50s or vintage themes
  • ‘Classical artistic figure nudes’
  • Tacky lad’s mag glamour.

Will I shoot TF?
It depends. Your look and style needs to appeal to me or fit my brief. But if you would like to work with me, feel free to get in touch and let’s see.

If you’re looking to do a TF shoot with me, please follow this link to see my usual TF arrangements

Will I accept pay?
Yes I will. Message me with your brief and I’ll send you a quote.

I will shoot bridal, wedding, baby bump, babies, pets or commercial but only if I am being paid for it. I will not shoot any of these TF.

Cancellations / No Shows
If we arrange a shoot through PP and you cancel short notice, I will leave an appropriate reference. If you cancel on the day or don’t show up, a no-show reference will be left. It’s how PurplePort’s referencing system works and is only fair to other users on the site. If you disagree, please do not book a shoot with me.


And finally….
I also have a slight fascination (some might call it an obsession perhaps? 🙂 ) with ribs! It is not a necessity, but I am always on the look out for people who have prominent ribs to model for me (y)


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