Photoshop CC – Healing Brush issues since v22.1 upgrade

I’ve had issues since Photoshop upgraded to v22.1 with using healing brush where after a few minutes, I start getting an error saying:-

“Photoshop could not Complete your Request because of a Program Error”

I tried Googling for the issue and got loads of stock answers on ‘resetting preferences to default’ (that is a big PITA just to see if it finds an issue – mallet to crack a nut) or disabling graphics card in performance (I have an old card, so tried this). I did both with no success. But I then found an actually useful post here:-

I have now disabled auto updates in Creative Cloud desktop app and manually reverted to v22.1

I lost all my setting in PS doing this which is really annoying, but healing brush now seems to be working again at least. I’ll wait until they fix the bug and then update manually from now on.

Just thought I’d post this in case it helps anyone else at all.

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