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xxRoxyxx said…

Just had another awesome shoot with Rugglez, I took a trip over to Gloucester for the weekend & despite a few travel problems along the way, it was damn well worth it.

Rugglez was a great host & a real gent. As well as a top notch photographer he’s also a smashing bloke with a great sense of humour. Full of creative ideas & extremely enthusiastic about his work. He blew me away with all his fab ideas & concepts on the day & we had an enjoyable shoot & produced some great shots from what I’ve seen already.

If you ever have the chance to shoot with Rugglez, Go For It! You definitely won’t be disappointed πŸ™‚

Rosa Brighid said…

Woohoo such a brilliant shoot with the legendary RUGGLEZ πŸ™‚ great communication, awesome ideas and skilled photography! this made for a very creative, experimental shoot. Rugglez provided me with an awesome location, and I think we did it justice! he is an awesome photographer, has a great sense of humour, very talkative, and also supplied the shoot with coca cola and jaffa cakes, what more coudd you ask for? I’m happy with what I saw on the back of the camera, so bring on the final results πŸ™‚ thanks for a fantastic day! PURE BRILLIANCE x

Harris said…

After 8 months (Rugglez was one of the first people I contacted when I joined PP), our shoot date finally arrived and I loved it from start to finish πŸ™‚

It was a seriously hot day so we moved our shoot from Cheltenham Town Centre to an abandoned farm and shot about 7/8 different looks. Rugglez is incredibly easy to shoot with – chilled manner, excellent communicator and really knows his stuff. I felt like I’d spent the day with an old friend.

We are already planning another shoot and I can’t wait.

chatterley said…

Suddenly realised I owed the awesome Ruggelz a reference or 2! This lovely man let me stay at his flat for a few days and I got to shoot with him at the (legendary) farm too. Our third shoot, and it was epic!

Lots of ideas, lots of conversation, laughter, I love working with him. Handcuffs, black plastic, lingerie – all shot in a way that no one other than him would do. The images are stunning, so so pleased! Cannot recommend him highly enough…

There was a thread running recently about underrated photographers – for me, this modest man (really does not know how good he is!) comes top of that list and I cannot wait till September – Cornwall next time!

chatterley x

Arabella said…

My second shoot with Rugglez!!! This time I was touring at Gloucester and he was my host! So thank you for hosting :):) fun times! And of course I couldn’t let him get away with not shooting with me! So we shot on an awesome location he knew of! And it was really awesome! Spent the day in the sunny weather! Got some really amazing shots, of course! We did something a little more fashion, creative for the last part of our shoot. But as I said before! Rugglez is just awesome! Great guy to spend the day with and you know the images will be amazing!!! Had plenty of giggles and scares!!! And we both came home with more than a few cobwebs! Haha!

Goes without saying all models are encouraged to work with him! Just awesome!

Thanks again! Elle X

Leanne Leawood said…

Had the upmost pleasure of working with Rugglez. I had such a blast. He is most definitely a pleasure to be around. Cool, awesome, cool, awesome. He may not of supplied ginger biscuits but he gave excellent direction to make up for it and let me share his coke :). Boy did he make me bend, stretch, pose till my hearts content and I cannot wait to se ethe outcome. I would recommend 100% he is a gem, all round nice guy and cracking photographer.

I hope I have the pleasure of working with him again soon


Freya said…

So I was chatting the other night to Mr Rugglez on Facebook and we both realised we had nothing to do so I invited him over for a very last minute shoot πŸ™‚ We did not have anything planned obviously but I threw a few things on and the photos that we produced are awesomely stunning.

I have worked with Rugglez before and he has become a dear friend. He is experimental and really likes to push himself when it comes to photography. We had a great relaxed shoot full of chatting and awesome photo making. Of course I would recommend Rugglez to anyone πŸ™‚

Marmalade said…

Oooops…I actually have two references to leave here.. 2 shoots in as many weeks and the perfect host both weekends!…. From model torture (which I may have secretly enjoyed..) to last minute all night shoots, to unknown urbex locations as well as some of my favourites, we have so many awesome shots it’s hard to know where to start.. Looking forward to the next one already…. Thanks for a couple of really awesome weekends πŸ™‚

Helen x

Silky said…

I recently had my second shoot with Rugglez on a day that was substantially warmer than our last one but just as enjoyable.

Rugglez had chosen a great location (which proved a challenge to depart from at the end of the day ;), and despite many visitors during the day including a Bhuddist nun that fell in love with a dress of mine and thought one would really spice up her sex life (wasn’t aware that nuns of this denomination had one) we got through lots of changes and scenarios.

Rugglez has a great eye for what looks good, use of light and is great fun to work with, I so enjoyed our day.

Fingers crossed we can do it again some time in the future.

Robyn Brooke said…

I had my second shoot with Rugglez the other week (first proper shoot where I didn’t turn white!)

Absolute gentleman, so easy to get along with and great to talk to and have a laugh with.

Did get a bit perved on in the woods… moved onto the farm and got some more awesome shots! πŸ˜€

Matt is great at giving direction to get the desired image and also allowed me to pose freely and choose where I wanted to shoot up at the farm.

He bought my favourite cookies again, made sure I was comfortable and as warm as I could be at all times and even put up with me worrying about the bumble bees that seemed to follow me around! :p

Had a brilliant day shooting with him and I even got treated to a coffee back at the station after he dropped me off πŸ™‚

Top photographer and I would highly recommend him to all.

Would love to work with him again some time!

Cheers Bbz! πŸ˜€

Rosa xox

Aries said…

What can I say, apart from sorry this reference is so bloody late!!!

Had an on location shoot with Rugglez in Gloucester, and what a treat it was! Despite the farmers taking their time in the area we wanted to shoot in, Rugglez came up with some fabulous ideas, and we got some lovely images!!

He was highly professional, a real gent, and a brilliant laugh. I hope we get the chance to shoot again in the future… And I promise not to leave the reference so long!!

Terra Flare said…

I was very excited about my shoot with rugglez yesterday, and was defiantly not disappointed!

I’d arranged to shoot with rugglez as part of my stay in Gloucester this weekend, lovely from the get go with pre cons and ideas, and was lovely enough to pick me up from the station!

Even though our plans for a full outdoor shoot were cut short by nosey people had a great shoot both outdoor and indoor. Really relaxed feel and some great shots, so hard to pick my favourites!

Would defiantly recommend and hope to work with again in the future!!

Arabella said…

Well what can I say!… As soon as I saw Rugglez portfolio I was dying to work with him! So I plucked up the courage to message him and to my surprise we arrange a shoot. Quite far in advance, but we kept in touch, great comms! He even was happy to reschedule after I was feeling a under the weather!… So the day came, excited and nervous!… He arrived on time!… Greeted me with a smile!… My cat loved him! ha!. I felt like I’d known him for ages!… He’s so relaxed! Very chatty, never an awkard moment of silence!… More than happy to get us to the location, which was a complete recommendation from me!.. Trusting!… The location turned out to be amazing!… And I felt 100% safe with Rugglez! We had lots of giggles and such an amazing shoot!.. Rugglez is a professional photographer!… Adapting to the natural light with just a camera. Really fantastic! The images on the back of the camera looked amazing!… Just perfect!

Such a gentleman, checking if I was cold etc etc….

We shot all day! and it went so quickly!..

Such a great shoot!… stunning and creative images!… Lots of jokes!… and fits of giggles!.. what more could you want!…

Just fantastic!… Amazing photographer! And I would LOVE to shoot with him again! Cannot wait to see the images!…

I would recommend Rugglez to any model on the planet!…

Thanks again!

Elle X

30028-89121151Laika said…

I had the pleasure of working with Rugglez last week. He is great at giving direction to achieve the best image!

Rugglez was very considerate and brought food and drinks along to our location shoot. πŸ˜€

I would highly recommend him to anyone and can’t wait to work together again in the near future.

Thanks again!

Laika x

Marmalade said…

There is not a lot I can say about our second shoot I didn’t say about the first, but this time we seriously pushed the boundaries of urbex, scouting out underground bunkers and cumulating in shooting my number one urbex location, the mortuary, which required wading through undergrowth,dodging of cameras and climbing through small windows..wish I’d had a camera πŸ™‚ and shooting in the coldest, darkest creepiest place ever…. Not one complaint ever and one of the most fun weekends I’ve had shooting!!!! Thanks again for a great weekend … Already looking for the next epic location πŸ˜‰

Helen x

Alice Bizarre said…

One of the most humble and modest photographers I’ve worked with! Very relaxing to shoot with and created exactly what was in my mind both times shooting! This man doesnt know his own talent! x

Pale Breast said…

Had a shoot with Rugglez today.

Fantastic to work with, gave good pointers while letting me do my own thing as well!

He was funny and relaxed and we generally had fun.

He was understanding of how I felt in the cold as well!

Would definitely recommend.

Bex – Model said…

Had such a great shoot with Rugglez yesterday!

He made me feel comfortable right from the start and was very respectful of my levels. He is such a friendly guy and so much fun to work with! I think I nearly killed the poor guy making him trek through woods for different locations but it was so worth it because the images looked amazing!! He is so down to earth, funny and caring and MEGA talented πŸ™‚

Highly recommended! Really hope to work with him again in the near future πŸ™‚ xx

K-Jey said…

I had really great shoot with Rugglez! He is super friendly and very very talented! Pleasure to work with β™₯ I would love to shoot with him again in a future! Totally recommended!

Sarah said…

Having wanted to work with Rugglez for ages but never had the opportunity, or courage to ask, before, we did get together recently and had a great time.

It was a somewhat cold day, for me anyway, he was nicely snuggled in a thick coat most of the time! However the sun did make an appearance and we made the most of it when it did πŸ™‚

Lots of outfits, lots of different takes in a fantastic location and lots of laughs along the way, a great day and a lovely guy to shoot with.

He is a brilliant photographer, great pre shoot comms, an eye for detail, excellent direction and good fun too.

I am so pleased I got to work with Rugglez, I am really happy with what we achieved and really do hope we can work together again, but maybe when it’s a tad warmer. πŸ˜‰

Although I wasn’t supplied with gingernuts…… πŸ™

xxRoxyxx said…

Had a great shoot the other day with Rugglez. What can i say that hasn’t already been said!

Matthew is a smashing chap a true gent & an extremely talented photographer!

I feel privileged to have worked with him, & i feel honoured that he came all the way down from Gloucester to shoot me.

We had a Fab full days shoot, and now i cant wait to see the results!

I Would love to shoot with him again one day, Highly recommended! πŸ™‚

Thanks Rugglez x

Silky said…

Despite the wind, the cold and the rain (what do you expect for January in UK) I had an amazing shoot with rugglez in a brilliantly chosen location, loved it to bits.

We managed to work through a great number of clothing changes and scenes, all of which I know will produce some fantastic images.

Rugglez was fun to work with, professional, polite, great personality and most importantly supplied me with ginger nuts, that alone would make me want to work with again,

If you get the opportunity to shoot with this gentleman, snap it up you will be so pleased that you have!

chatterley said…

I really admire Rugglez work so was excited to shoot with him while I was working from Bristol – the comms had been inspirational, so much so that I had so much stuff to chose from to shoot in that my room looked like an explosion in a clothes shop πŸ™‚

Having made a selection, we headed to the location where I demonstrated the advantages of having a barbed wire fence proof coat when we had to climb over one on the trek to the site – and what a place! I think when we arrived I realised I’d met a kindred spirit in that his passion for derelict buildings possibly out does mine.

We quickly got to work, and from the very first shot it became apparent that his eye for detail and precise direction is part of what makes him so special. His laid back loveliness, use of natural light, superb composition and his unique way of seeing things combine in a talent for creating stunning images. Occasionally as a model you see images on the camera that are just so great that you’re amazed it’s you in them – the shot is so good that you don’t see yourself, just a fantastic image if that makes sense… It gives me chills. Well, it happened a lot that afternoon!

I feel really lucky to have met Ruggelz, and cannot recommend him highly enough. He’s such a lovely man and an incredible photographer and I can’t wait to work with him again – we’re already planning our next shoot… And after that Cornwall is on the cards too πŸ™‚ It’s going to be epic!

Thank you Rugglez, see you soon!

chatterley x

RubyKlayton said…

Ruggles is a great guy, had lots of fun on the shoot and got some great images.

Lots of fun exploring abandoned buildings and fields and lots of fun making Christmas cheese!


Marmalade said…

Where to start with this shoot???!!!!

10 till 10 but I was honestly having too much fun to notice…. A very cold dirty location and a fair walk to get there, but neither of us was complaining, and I can honestly say nothing fazes him.. Shooting at serious heights in unstable buildings, being rumbled by onlookers, and even very nearly being squashed by the 4 o clock from Weybridge to New Haw whilst shooting a nude model in the middle of the line!!! Followed up by some great quirky shots in the warm, making the most of the tiny bit of natural light and even shooting on film again, which I am growing to love πŸ™‚

The whole day was great fun and I would recommend anyone to take up the chance to shoot!!!!

Looking forward to round two!!!! πŸ™‚

Helen x

Vanessa Sicre said…

The true talent test: when you’re working on location and the weather turns sour, then you try indoors, it’s too dark because we don’t have enough lights – but Rugglez still managed to come up with some great shots! And he was professional, friendly and chatty throughout. Worth the wait, thank you so much (:

Rayne Beaux said…

I had my second shoot with Rugglez over the weekend and it proved to be an epic one! We had some ridiculously torrential weather but decided to proceed with the plan anyway. It was painful and freezing but I am so happy that I stuck it out as the foreboding elements added such an intense layer of drama to the shots. I love working with Rugglez! He is such a talented photographer and also a really pleasant person to be around. I was really pleased with the results from our last shoot and I have a feeling that we have even kicked it up a notch this time! I am super excited to add more of his work to my port and I cannot wait to shoot with him again. Very highly recommended!

thanks for everything,


Olivia Harriet said…

Absolutely amazing photographer! And lovely guy, am so happy with the shots we created, and had a great day working with him. Would recommend him 100% so book him up!! xx

Lydya said…

Had my 1st shoot with rugglez yesterday and well worth the wait, he is a true professional in every sense of the word! Great pre shoot communication and even though the ideas changed when he arrived the results are awesome straight out the camera, Rugglez approach during the shoot was seamless, moving from one idea to another with little hesitation and precise direction. He is such a great person/photographer to have the pleasure of working with chatty, friendly, professional, creative, technically inspiring and highly recommended to all, am throughly looking forward to the next time, Thank you so much Rugglez πŸ™‚

Samantha Erised said…

Really enjoyed working with Rugglez, he was so much fun on shoot – even though I took him on a mission to our location!

It was a great shoot and really pleased with the results. Look forward to working with him in the future! πŸ™‚

Rayne Beaux said…

Today I had my first shoot with Rugglez. I’ve been wanting to shoot with him for quite a while now after admiring his work. My expectations were met and then some! Rugglez is a brilliant photographer with an amazing artistic eye. He has incredible technique and my house even appeared artistically transformed through his lens. Straight out of the back of the camera, the results are breathtaking. Rugglez has a limitless imagination and he created masterpiece after masterpiece with such ease. The time also flew by as I felt like we gelled instantly. He is a pleasure to work with, highly professional, friendly and has a great sense of humour. We have already planned our next shoot and I cannot wait to shoot again! Rugglez is highly recommend to any model looking to take his or her portfolio to the next level.

Thanks for everything!


Vincent Black said…

I had a shoot with Rugglez today arranged through another model as we wanted to shoot together to help with my port. It’s all been said before but he is a very professional photographer with exceptional skill and great detailed direction. This was my second shoot and really I should have been nervous but he is such a personable and relaxing person that you can have fun with him and still get great images. He is excellent at getting the exact image wanted and will keep working till he does.

When working with him it doesn’t just feel as though he’s shooting at you but that you both (or all three as in my case) work together. He is very respectful of levels and of the type of image you want.

Highly recommended, great guy,I look forward to seeing the finished product and would 100% work with him again. πŸ™‚

Thanks, Rugglez.

Cocaine James said…

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Rugglez on a training day he organised for a group of photographers of varying ability levels. If it wasn’t already obvious from his portfolio, working with him makes it abundantly clear: the man’s technique and top-to-bottom understanding of photography really is second to none. Furthermore he is able to communicate his knowledge even to others with minimal experience, and his passion and creativity are infectious.

He’s an immensely personable chap, with grade A communication, and you’ll struggle to find anyone with as much concern for models and their welfare. And he takes a pretty corking image, too! I’m very, very much looking forward to a full shoot with him soon.

Wednesday said…

I was so pleased Ribblez ask me to shoot with him as I really loved his images so I was excited about shooting! He also new of an amazing church not far from where I live which is a great place for shoots. Rugglez was so friendly and polite, I really enjoyed talking and working with him! He was really good at giving direction and making good use of such a huge location. Im very excited to see the finished images. Highly recommended x

Mossy said…

Had the pleasure of shooting with Rugglez when he was visiting London back in May.

I’ve admired his work for a while, so when he agreed to shoot with me I was rather excited. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. He’s an absolute sweetheart, very friendly and down to earth, easy to get along with, and a fantastic photographer too. The hotel room was small and basic, but we made it work for us and we got some fantastic images.

Highly recommended, and I’d work with him again if he’ll have me back :p.

Thanks Rugglez, I had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed our shoot.

Alisa Rae said…

I don’t think there is much I can say about Rugglez that hasn’t been said before?

Despite being shy at first, we had a lot of fun shooting, to the extent I was worried we wouldn’t get any shots, thankfully i was wrong πŸ˜›

One shoot just wasn’t enough, so we shot twice and have already booked in a third!

Whilst trying new styles, rugglez stuck to my levels and gave great direction.

So in short amazing guy, good photographer and great fun to work with.


bastet said…

My photoshoot with Rugglez was very fun, relaxed and productive. He is highly professional photographer with his own view and also he is very friendly and polite. We had photoshoot on the great location and got fabulous photos. Every photo just amazing and I am more than happy with the result. I definitely would recommend Rugglez to everyone and hope to work with him again.

Thank you

Berry said…

I only wish I could’ve stayed longer on the day. I met rugglez at the Gloucestershire meet, after another photographer introduced us and we arranged a shoot for the following week.

He is an absolute pleasure to work with. We had such a laugh, so much so that I was worried I’d affected the shots, but I’m told we got several great shots. (Apparently he’s quite good :p ) He had lots of ideas and the shoot was very different from anything I’d done before, which I love.

I would of course recommend Rugglez and will certainly be working with him again πŸ™‚

Freya said…

I had an awesome shoot with Matt on Saturday. He wanted to try out some more erotic work with me and I was very happy to oblige πŸ™‚ The time just flew by and we got some great images from working together. He had some great ideas and was very happy with me to ‘go with the flow’ too πŸ™‚ I will very much like to work with Matt again when I am next back in Cheltenham. He was very easy to get along with and we had a laugh πŸ™‚ 100% Recommended.

Isla Sol said…

Greetings models of PP!

I haven’t left a reference for Rugglez for a while, despite having had a number of shoots (together) under our belts.

Seriously, you could not meet a nicer, more laid back, fun, but professional photographer. Rugglez is an absolute legend – one of the nicest people I know, both in and outside photography.

He is great at directing, but also eager to hear and try new ideas. He is respectful of levels and the trust between a model and photographer. He also takes a mean photograph!

I would thoroughly recommend Matty to models of all levels, particularly beginners, as he was probably the second or third person I worked with after starting out, and was so encouraging and supportive; and I will continue to collaborate with him for many more shoots to come into the future (so long as he will put up with my messiness and neuroticism)!

Thanks Rugglez for being a top guy, photographer and pal πŸ™‚ x

Akasha said…

Had my first shoot with Rugglez two days ago. After a cup of coffee and sorting out outfits I dragged him to my favourite location. And something happen to him whilst we were there….He changed his attitude from β€˜I hate shooting nature’ too β€˜I should consider shooting nature’. I knew is a magic place but didn’t know it could impress the Gull of Rugglestein. πŸ™‚

Rugglez is an absolute diamond, you threw the pose he directs you to perfection. True gent he is he was risking his life to rescue my dressing gown from a beehive which I wrongly thought to be empty boxes. I thanked him with bending my body to the point of slipped disk to give him his beloved rips.

Rugglez is absolute great fun to work with, brilliant sense of humour and can make better facial impression behind the camera then some models in front of it. One day I need to capture this. πŸ˜‰

Very precise, professional and full of wicked ideas. Highest recommendation to a true artist of photography. Thanks for an awesome time, hope to shoot soon again.

Alice said…

Another awesome shoot with the lovely Matty πŸ™‚ such a friendly and talented photographer. So easy to work with and is always a pleasure. He is a real gent. Thank you for a awesome day Matty xxx

Miss Pixie said…

Ruggelitto Maximus (aka Rugglez-Rugglez) is awesome! Fact!

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