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MissChief said…

I finally got to shoot with Rugglez a few weeks ago. We shot on location first in freezing temperatures,but he was very considerate,kept my hands warm and my spirits high. He is great at direction and had some amazing ideas.

After a few hours the cold got the better of me,so we shot at his place,which was warm,inviting and he put me at ease straight away and whacked the heating up even more…..!!!

Once I’d thawed out,we worked really well together,he was very conscious of how I was feeling and was so down to earth,we had a great laugh and got some fabulous images.

We have planned to work together again soon,which I’m really looking forward to.

I’d absolutely recommend working with him,he’s a fantastic photographer and a really lovely guy.

LottiiRose said…

FINALLY got to shoot with Rugglez yesterday. It has been years in the making (or what feels like it anyway!) He came to my little cabin and we had such a laugh, he had loads of ideas, was amazeballs at direction and I couldnt have had a nicer day!

Hes such a gem, really laid back, consious of the models comfort and a good laugh!

Would love to shoot with him again!

Highly recomended!

Lottii Rose x

EnnaVictoria said…

Had my 2nd shoot with Rugglez a few days ago and enjoyed it just as much as the first!

He’s very laid back/easy to get along with and the images looked awesome! Can’t wait to see them finished 🙂

Definitely recommend him to any model and hope to work with him again soon 🙂

VickiVonHelsing said…

We had our first shoot today and it was the first time I had done any rope work, Rugglez was an absolute gentleman, he was very professional he knew what he wanted from the shoot and gave great direction.

Pre-shoot we had great communication, he gave me great idea’s for outfits and style and made me feel really comfortable with him even before we met.

I look forward to seeing the final edits and I would 100% Recommend Rugglez to any model’s experienced or not, he’s great! I look forward to working with him again.

Marla Pandora said…

I had my second shoot with Rugglez last month and as the first one, it was a relaxed, fun and enjoyable shoot. Having done mostly erotic and bondage the last time, we wanted to try something different this time so we did some casual/fashion… and we finished with a little bondage and fetish in the evening 🙂 I just love working with Rugglez for many reasons.. he’s a great guy and we get on well, he’s full of great ideas, I know the shoot will run smoothly, I can trust him, and I just know the images will look fantastic! Shooting with him also guarantees lots of fun, we’ve even found Wally while shooting in Gloucester Docks!! I’m looking forward to our 3rd shoot which is in a couple weeks already! Thanks again for having me 🙂

Ps: I’ve given up cheese balls 🙁 You’ll have to find something else to keep me coming back… maybe olives? 🙂 M x

purpleprincess said…

I had a great shoot with Rugglez last week. He kindly came to meet me at the train station and was full of ideas when our location shoot idea was tarnished by horribly cold and wet weather.

He is a cool, friendly and professional guy to work with and I enjoyed the range of ideas we tried.

I’m looking forward to another shoot later in the year when it warms up. Highly Recommended.

kes wild said…

Rugglezzzzzz my all round favorite person around these here parts, what a absolute doll! Not many people I feel I can chat to about anything but rugglez tops the list. All round amazing person, he can put up with me and my hyperactivity for longer than an hour! No really Rugglez is the nicest bloke and someone I feel very comfortable shooting with. I have tried some new and marvelous things all down to this man and I am so excited to see what he comes up with in the images. A amazing photographer, funny one of a kind, no way can you pigeon hole this one, he’s definitely unique in the nicest possible way. He is a artist in every sense of the word. Much luv to you Ruggz until the next time 🙂

Emily Ischia said…

This was my first shoot with Rugglez his pre shoot communication was excellent as was during shoot communication. He is relaxed, has a great sense of humor, many concept ideas and is very professional. From looking at some of the images on the camera I think we achieved some excellent work, many thanks Rugglez, very highly recommended!

Erinx said…

Had a second great shoot with this awesome dude !

Although we had only shot together once before it felt like we had shot lots more .

Rugglez is so easy to get along with , a really kool chap .

Professional , funny and dam right crazy good at what he does .

If you ever get the opportunity to work with him , do not hesitate .

Can’t recommend him enough . 🙂

Can’ not wait to see the final cuts , the back of the camera already looked good to go .

Rugglez you Rock ! ??:)

Until next time . . . .

Silky said…

I’m losing count of the amount of times Rugglez and I have shot together, but once again we had a whale of a time . We put the world to right over coffee and biscuits and then ventured to the area in my new home which as aptly named Lofty Heights . Armed with only camera, a slightly suspect table lamp and some rope we set about producing some fantastic images, had some giggles and I got dirty rolling around the floor ;).

Thank you once again for a great shoot and yes there will be more in the not too distant future.

Jezebelle said…

I finally got to shoot with the fabulousness that is Rugglez last week – for a whole 3 days!

He is a super host, who knows how to look after models, making sure that I had everything I needed and his priority is the model’s health & safety…..the locations that he scouted for us were just amazing and his ideas were so fun to put in practice!

Rugglez is a wonderful photographer who directs beautifully and sets the scene perfectly – I can safely say that he is one of the best erotic & bondage photographers I’ve worked with, he’s fantastic with ropework, the angles he shoots from are flattering and evocative, as well having an eye for capturing the most loveliest of natural/ambient light!

I can safely say that I cannot recommend this epic photographer enough, he is not just a wonderful individual, but a fantabulous artist as well – he will blow you away 🙂

Thank you for the amazing 3 days!!

Em xx

Marla Pandora said…

I finally got to shoot with Rugglez and it was well worth the wait!! We’ve been wanting to work together for a while now so I was very excited when we both found a suitable date. Rugglez picked me up midday and we drove to an awesome location for some bondage and erotic. I didn’t need much time (if any) to feel comfortable around him, we just seemed to connect right away and it felt like I had been shooting with him many times before. He was making sure I was happy at all times which made me feel extremely at ease. We then carried on shooting at his place in the evening, where he kindly let me stay for the night.

Rugglez is a total joy to work with.. he knows exactly what he wants to achieve and you just know the pictures will look awesome. Not only he’s a talented and creative photographer, but he’s also so easy to get on with, a great laugh, very respectful and so much fun to be around! We already have our next shoot booked next month and I can’t wait to work with him again! And yes, of course he is highly recommended by me! 🙂

Feather said…

Second shoot with this awesome guy ! … As usual, loads of laughs, a photographer I can just relax with and be myself, which makes for a great shoot that is fun, laughs, great banter, exciting, relaxed and a true collaboration of ideas. We’d been trying to organise a second shoot for ages, and I’m so glad we took things in hand and put things on hold to shoot together again. Just as much fun if not BETTER than the first time … can not praise this guy high enough, because he’s the kind of Photographer that you just want to keep on shooting with until the small hours, and that’s what we’d have done if I hadn’t had to drive back home. One of the most noticeable things about shooting with this man, is that he FEELS how an image should be, not just how he thinks it should look, he has passion for his artistry and talents and instinctively feels when something is working, or not, so that makes you TRUST his eye and skill. Third shoot already on the agenda as we couldn’t finish all we planned. AWESOME man ! HIGHLY recommend him. 😉

Jem Kai Olsen said…

I worked with Rugglez on Sept 15, He came all the way to Norwich to shoot Lavinia and I also had the opportunity to work with him. He is a very easy going, chatty, and down to earth guy which made the shoot straight away fun and exciting. He loves to use natural light and he is great at directing the shoot. I strongly recommend him. He has a great portfolio and experience. Rugglez can shoot all day without eating as he just gets into the mood of creativity.:)

I would like to work with you again very soon Rugglez. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Jem Kai Olsen

SianiVealModel said…

Had my first shoot with rigglez om friday and he was a pleasure to work with. Pre coms were great and managed to crack through lots of different sets and i loved working with him. Would recommend and would love to work with again 🙂

Angelina said…

This was the first time I had the pleasure of working with rugglez and it was well worth the wait, he’s been someone I’ve been wanting to shoot with for such a long time! Even though we didn’t have long and unfortuantly was towards the end of the day so lighting wasn’t on our side we still had lots of fun and hopefully created some fab images 🙂 he’s a great guy and knows what he wants when it comes to the models look and what look he wants to achieve!

Very easy going and made me feel so relaxed we could have talked for hours 🙂

Thank you again

Angelina xx

Angel price said…

I have just had the most fantastic day spent at my house with the famous rugglez ….

love love love this man …..

we tried a few different shots but it didn’t last long till we got down to the ropez and ribz that is mr rugglez’s speciality …..

so he left me after 8 hours now nursing many bruises and burns and marks ….off to the shop tomorrow to get the arnica cream … but I am not moaning as I simply love working with him……

he is truly so easy to get along with and we have such a laugh , to the point I cant concentrate ….

I think we got some really awesome images from today and cant wait to see them ..

again highly recommended by me and I cant wait till next time …..

thanku so much for today

angel x

Naiya said…

I had a great shoot with Rugglez a little while ago and I’m really happy with the results. Rugglez is great company and his communication was perfect throughout. The shoot was fun and relaxed and Rugglez was really good at the styling and direction – highly recommended!

Lexi Thorn said…

I had an excellent shoot with Rugglez today, the whole day was very relaxed. He gave simple points for starting to pose from but also allowed for free posing and provided communication throughout the shoot to get the best possible pictures. Rugglez is very easy to work with and the shoot was great fun, I highly recommend and can not wait to work with him again.

Lavinia said…

I had a two day shot with this amazing guy and oh my goodness, he was worth the wait!!!! I had a fantastic time. Rugglez is laid back, friendly, chatty, professional, respectful , incredibly creative and has the most wicked sense of humour 🙂 !!!! The first day we shot at my house and had such a laugh! The outfits were different and exciting so not only is he an amazing photographer but also a superb stylist! The second day we shot on location and even though it was wet and cold, we had a fantastic time and achieved some cool images 🙂 . Apart from the shoot, we got on like a house on fire. Rugglez is so easy to talk to and to work with. His kind and funny – funky nature makes him brilliant company. He is passionate, values the models’ ideas, knows exactly how to capture a beautiful image and …well…what can I say….all the compliments you can think of !!!

I would highly recommend Rugglez and cannot wait to work with him again.

Thank you so much 🙂

EnnaVictoria said…

What can I say? I had an AMAZING shoot with Rugglez over the weekend! He has a great eye for detail and was awesome at giving direction. It took me awhile to work out all of his hand gestures but I got there eventually :p

He had lots of different idea’s and was happy to try mine too…even if he did think they were weird 😉

He’s very professional, laid back and I thoroughly enjoyed our shoot 😀

The images looked amazing from what I saw on the camera and I can’t wait to see them finished!

100% recommended by me 🙂

freespirit said…

This is a belated reference (I’m terribly behind, coming back from several tours)- but I had the very good luck to work with Rugglez briefly (although too briefly) in a Scottish castle group shoot last month. He is super cool, and passionate about photography- about getting the image just right- which is also of utmost importance to me. Pre-shoot communications were very good, as he provided a list of outfit and jewellery preferences- which I adhered to, but unfortunately we ran out of time before we got the chance to shoot what we’d planned. However, we did get to work together on imagery with my makeup and styling provided by the awesome Lady C. The photo results he showed me on the back of his camera looked beautiful.

Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to work together again. 🙂

Polina Black said…

Had an awesome shoot with rugglez for the second time in some shady streets in Gloucester. Of course he was an absolute charm and was fun as always. He has lovely hair as well.

This reference is #102

Ponyo said…

I worked with Rugglez for the third time a few weeks ago on a trip to Scotland and he is just so awesome!

He is easy to work with and has a fantastic eye for detail and composition. Rugglez is great with directions and pushes to get the absolute best out of his models.

As well as being funny, he is down to earth, relaxed and passionate about the work he creates. I can’t recommend him highly enough and I cant wait for round four tomorrow!

Angel price said…

BLOODY AWESOME! lol …love this guy (though i need to beat him up as im now full of scratches.marks and bruises ) !!!!

we had a fab afternoon at an outdoor location and loved his ideas …i came armed with a load of stuff and then we just used rope !! think we got some awesome images though!! cannot wait to see them…

i love to do something different from the norm and we certainly did and we had such a laugh ( while he hurt me !!! ) lol… only joking …a little xxxx

anyways hes a brilliant photographer and a fantastic guy, professional and considerate and just fun to be with …

cant wait till the next time …thanku mr rugglez x

angel x

Erinx said…

Had a awesome shoot with Ruggles today! What a lovely guy . Very professional , laid back funny and easy to shoot with . Made me feel comfortable throughout .

He have good direction when needed and also let me do my my own thing 🙂

The images I saw looked pretty dam good , really looking forward to see the finished results .

Thanks for a great day! Looking forward to another . ? highly recommended .

Jenny *** said…

I was lucky enough to meet Matt on the way to Scotland where we had organised group shooting. Half way through I didn’t even know that legendary photographer is sitting right next to me in the car :)) oh well, then we start chatting, jock about silly things, share ideas and preferences in photography world, now I know what ” Really Cool” means !! :)) during the whole week in Scotland I really enjoyed Matt’s company, such a great guy with unique sense of humour! And I’m absolutely sure he took amazing pictures of me during this time in Scotland, I can’t wait to see finished result !:) I would not recommend him to anyone else, because I’m selfish person and I want to keep him only for myself!:)) xxx

Amber Castle said…

I had such a cool shoot with Rugglez 🙂 lucky me . He is awesome to work with , totally put me at ease , really involved me with the shoot plan , able to direct really well but still let me do my thing 🙂 perfect. Great company , just wish the time hadn’t flown by so quickly as I had a total blast . His work looks pretty fine too !! I know I was really fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him – massive thanks ! Amber

DominikaW said…

Rugglez is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! Its been three years since i shoot with Matt..and its been far to long…

I have Enjoyed every second of ouer shoot and had soo much Fun….Matt is very professional, very creative,knows the lighting very well….also make me try new things which was realy good!!!!! Great sense of houmor , very friendly the time just flew by. we did the location and Matt also organised indoor place to shoot which was great for a change. We have managed to take a Lot of Fanatstic pictures..Cannot wait to see them now!!! Matt..You Rock!!!!!!!!!Thank you again for an Awesome Day..and DEF we shoot again very soon!!!!!!!!!! Highly reccomended to anyone indeed!!!!!!! 🙂

poppymclean said…

….Somehow….I managed to get a shoot with this legendary man! I have admired Rugglez work for a long time so couldn’t quite believe my luck when he said ‘yes’ 🙂

I found Rugglez to be really fun to work with, he gave great direction, he has a keen eye for the shot he wants and was respectful and professional throughout. The images look absolutely fab and I am too excited to see them and show them off 🙂

I hope I get the chance again in the not too distant future..!


Angel price said…

Well what can I say?

Finally got to meet and work with the amazing Mr rugglez !!

He drove all the way up north to meet me at some abandoned buildings ……

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t playing nice to me today, so we only got 3hrs worth of shooting in as I was bloody freezing and couldn’t stop shaking and that’s not a good look in photos , as Mr rugglez kept pointing out to me try not to look so cold …..its all right for him all smug in his hoodie …. well maybe I’ve realised I’m just a bit of a wimp !!!

Anyway , fab guy , respectful, knows his stuff , fun and chatty . Loved working with him and hopefully will get to work with him again in a more warmer environment !!

Highly recommended and thank you for travelling all the way to see me today x

Angel xx

Marianne Di Vine said…

I had the pleasure of shooting with this lovely chap a few weeks back… It felt like we were trying to organise the shoot for months and when we got there in the end it did not disappoint!

Not only did I have an opportunity to work with a great photographer, but also met a lovely chap…

Right from the start, Rugglez was chivalrous and lovely. When we headed off to shoot at a location known to him, he had immense patience whilst I sat there freezing between sets (literally)… He captured the desired shots quickly and effortlessly and I would not hesitate to recommend him…

Thank you for a lovely day 🙂

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