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SophiaDisgrace said…

I had a really cool,chilled shoot with Rugglez over the Bank Holiday weekend.Hes a lovely guy,very passionate about his art and easy to work with.I enjoyed our collaboration very much and hope we can do it all again in the very near future :

GeorgiaP said…

Have sucessfully added myself to ‘The RIbblez” Brixton Years.”

What a great relaxed shoot. RIbblez is dead easy to work with.We had a right laugh and with such a chilled out atmosphere we worked some great shots. Was so relaxed at one point I forgot the camera was even there. Great use of natural light,angles and individual style. This man is an artist you should get to work with if you can …….

HotrodJackie said…

Had a shoot on Sunday 28th. My hubby and I travelled to Brixton for a shoot where we met Rugglez outside Brixton station. We chatted briefly and hubby went off taking in a bit of sightseeing for 4 hours. After a short walk we got to his awesome spacious apartment where he made a lovely cuppa before deciding what we would start with. All I can say this guy is amazing with his camera he knows what he wants and how he wants it. In between him taking pics we did have a laugh lovely funny professional guy and very patient as the sun was playing silly buggers as he was about to take a pic haha. I cant wait to see the images now but ill be patient Mr Rugglez as I`m sure they will be amazing πŸ™‚

I highly recommend to all models because you wont be disappointed

Jackie πŸ™‚ xx

Lilu said…

Have shot with Rugglez twice now and I love the results!

He has a natural eye for unusual angles, and uses the light and space perfectly to create some phenomenal shots. He has an amazing flat to shoot in, and has his own awesome unique style!

Cannot recommend him enough, and I look forward to shooting with him again!

Annie Moya said…

Awesome photographer and a lovely chap!

We’ve worked together twice now and I’ve enjoyed both shoots. I like that the shots we’ve produced have come out unique and different to anything else I have on my portfolio.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results from our second shoot. I will most definitely like to work with him again, in fact we already have our third shoot booked in already. πŸ™‚

Comes highly recommended to all models!

A.B said…

Got to shoot with rugglez last week at his flat in Brixton. Really liked that flat as its spacious with a lot natural light coming in. We were super lucky with a weather as well as it was a bright sunny day and what I liked even more is the photographer himself. Rugglez is a professional and as modelling is only my hobby it was nice of him to help and direct me. Would definitely work with him again πŸ™‚ X

Jezebelle said…

I got to shoot with this epic individual for another time, after so many amazing shoots – and what a flippin’ awesome shoot it was!

Rugglez is the master of filth, fun and fetish – which we’ve done plenty of in the past – but he is also a top photographer for playing with light too, capturing it in the most beautiful way πŸ™‚

The set up he has now is absolutely amazing and he really does make wonderful use of the features & space, with his deft and effortless techniques & way with the camera….

I can’t recommend this super mindblowing photographer enough to all of you guys, including the touring models, this dude is one of the most genuine & caring human beings you’ll ever meet – as well as being the one of the best at what he does. Period. If you get the chance to work with him, be ready to be mesmirised peeps πŸ™‚

Em xx

Alisa Rae said…

Got to shoot with the talented Rugglez again this weekend and would yet again recommend πŸ™‚

A relatively short yet sweet shoot, producing some gorgeous images that I cannot wait to share!

Lookingforward to next time again already!

Silky said…

What can I say about our shoots but ….we work so well together and chat a lot .

I always have great fun working with Rugglez, the time we tackled the varying light and mirrors in my bedroom and I think we nailed it .

Thank you so much for another wonderful shoot and I can’t wait to come down to you in London and see what amazing images we can produce in your gaff πŸ™‚

Isobela Lugosi said…

I have wanted to work with Rugglez for ages so when i saw that he moved to london i was very pleased!!

I arrived at his apartment in London and he was very welcoming, had loads of ideas ready but also very chilled.

Probably one of the most easy going people i’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

We had a laugh but also a very professional shoot.

Rugglez is so easy to be around and also a lot of fun, we made some absolutely awesome photos and he got them back to me very quickly!

Just look at the photos, he is a legend.

Would recommend over and over again and cannot wait to arrange the next shoot!

ViciousPoison said…

Easy going, professional, open for ideas, respectful and fun to work with! Uff… I shall return to Brixton and shoot some more. Recommended!

LauraJDraycon said…

You know when you have been secretly wanting to work with someone, then when it finally happens its awesome…well that πŸ˜‰

I jumped on a train and was met by the lovely Rugglez who plied me with tea and chocolate cake (mmmmmmm cake) then I pranced around his gorgeous new place in lingerie and some awesomely tied shibari by ArtofSexpression. I was disappointed he didn’t shoot me while wearing my harness, thought he would have looked gorgeous in it! I had a fabulous day with this creative man and would certainly hope to get in front of his lens again sometime. Highly recommended.

Violette said…

I really enjoyed my recent shoot with Rugglez. I felt comfortable and relaxed from the start. His direction was very welcome….an arm slightly more angled…head turned a little more…eyes looking into the distance…. With his clear vision and focus I know that we have created some great shots. Can’t wait to see them.

Nutmeg said…

I shot with Rugglez in London.

I have to say it was a really relaxed and easy going shoot!

He has a good sense of humor and gives good directions when needed, he also offer to host me one night, which was a good advantage to avoid rushing the photoshoot.

I really like his work and I can’t wait to see the results of our shoot, hopefully we’ll shoot together again in the near future!

AnnaRose said…

Had an awesome shoot with Rugglez recently in Shoreditch. Pre communication was excellent, he was friendly, had a good sense of humour and easy going.

On this shoot we decided to shoot on Location and explore Shoreditch. Whilst shooting Rugglez allowed me to pose freely but gave good directions when needed.

From what I have seen the images are brilliant. Thank you for a wonderful experience and I hope it was not the last.


Jynx said…

Great shoot with Rugglez on the final day of my Surrey/Hants Tour.

His place is amazing to shoot from, with beautiful natural light, awesome props (and even bought me milk especially for tea)!

Clear pre-shoot comms, after chatting we tried a variety of sets and had great fun!

Cannot wait to recieve edits- thanks hugely Rugglez! Until next time πŸ˜‰

Sarah-Jane Harper (SJ). said…

I had the privilege of working with Ruggelz on Saturday, and what a great shoot we had ?.

Ruggelz meet me at the train station , which I thought was really sweet.

We shot at his apartment in London ( which has amazing space and a great feel)..

Time just flew and we got some really great shots.

Ruggelz direction is to perfection and we worked fantastic together.

Great communication before shoot with all information I needed.

100% recommend and definitely take the opportunity to work with him as you won’t be disappointed.

Sarah-jane x

Alibrooks said…

Well I’ve worked with the lovely Rugglez before and as always our shoots are great fun, laid back and relaxed.. He’s such a lovely and caring person. We always come away with some amazing images and can’t wait till the next time. xx

If you get a chance to work with him I 100% recommend you do.. Than k you for a great time and look forward to our next encounter πŸ˜€ xx

Onym said…

Having wanted to work with Rugglez for quite some time but not plucking up the courage to do so, I was lucky enough to work with him before he city and I moved country.

Communication was excellent before and during the shoot, he gives precise direction and keeps you moving to get the right image.

We had planned an on location shoot. However, the cold weather was not in our favour for rolling around on the floor so had to adapt our plans. Rugglez works well to a plan or improvisation.

I had an excellent time working with Rugglez and loved our final images. I would not hesitate to recommend him and look forward to working with him again if our paths cross.

the body artist said…

I had the pleasure of working with this fine photographer in his new abode down in Brixton, London.

Comfortable from the moment he walked up to the gate, I knew we’d have an enjoyable shoot.

That we sure did, mostly down to his good humor.

He’s very good at giving you that final direct that just adds the extra ‘umph’ to a great shot, as well as utilising the space and props we had.

Loved that he’s also down for experimental randomness which I personally always cherish.

I’ll be looking at working with this fine gent sometime in the near future and so should you…

Thank you mister Rugglez, I’m looking forward to seeing those edits, as what I saw on the back of your camera briefly made me smile a lot.

Annie Moya said…

I had an awesome shoot with Rugglez last week.

Due to this shoot being arranged at short notice we didn’t have time to plan so, we just went with the flow. I turned up with a suitcase full of stuff and like a typical photographer, he only wanted to use two items from my case :p , well, to be fair we didn’t need to use a lot for the shoot. We spent half the shoot chatting and the other half shooting, so, it was a very nice relaxed atmosphere. It didn’t feel like hardwork working with him, although, he did have me doing press-ups and all sorts. πŸ™‚

It was all good fun, I would definitely work with him again.

Comes highly recommended to all!

Sara1985 said…

Oh ruggles I’m so sorry I didn’t come, I’ve been overwhelmed by work and messages it was immence, you are such an amazing person to work with and your pics are amazing let me know when your free πŸ™ (me grovelling) x

Lilu said…

Shot with Rugglez last week at his new flat in Brixton.

I found him really easy to work with, relaxed and chatty and we got through lots of different sets in the time we had.

He gave great direction, and I was able to push myself in terms of what I could achieve. He worked well with the natural light, and I know we managed to get some great shots!

We’re certainly planning on working together again at some point, and I’d definitely recommend him!

LottiiRose said…

How have I not left you a reference? SORRRYYYYYY!!

I shot with Rugglez a few weeks back and had such an awesome time! We shot for Zivity doing loads of different sets, He came to shoot me at my little cabin which he worked eprfectly in. He was polite, helpful, full of ideas and such a nice person! I had a blast shooting with him and cant believe how gorgeous the images ive seen are!

Ive even had him come back since to do another shoot and again was awesome fun to work with!!

Next time Ill go to his new fancy pansy place πŸ˜‰

Thanks Rugglez!

Highly Recommended!!

LottiiRose xx

Gracieuxlove said…

I got to shoot with Rugglez a few weeks ago for Zivity. We decided to shoot at my home which isn’t great but we managed to make it work.

Rugglez made me feel relaxed and gave some great direction on the day. Thanks again and hope to work with you again soon!


cyan said…

I finally got to shoot with Rugglez on the last day of my Gloucester trip. We’d been talking about the shoot for some time so we were both clear on what we wanted to achieve. Rugglez was very respectful of my boundaries and I felt very comfortable throughout the shoot. He gave lots of direction and even with the constant changing light I’m sure we managed to get some great shots.

Rugglez was very open with me, and I felt I could trust him too – I really felt that we were on the same level. He is clearly passionate about what he does, there’s definitely that twinkle in his eye!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and can’t wait to see the photos πŸ™‚

Thank you for such a great day, can’t wait for the next one!

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