Art nude – pretentious or just out right delusional?

IMHO that an art nude grabs you between the eyes not anywhere else!

I just came across this post on a photography networking site and it is the sort of opinion I come across time and time again.

I actually think that this is an awesome definition and pretty much spot on – and why I detest art nude! At least in the way it is defined in the hobbyist/internet modelling arena.

Let’s get a naked woman and pretend she’s not being photographed because people want to see pictures of naked women. Then let’s make her expression and pose look as utterly boring and un-sexy as possible, you know, just to make sure people don’t find her remotely sexy. And eye contact!! That would be utterly unforgivable! With all these special components, we can pretend we don’t want to look at a picture of a naked woman.

Or even better, here is a wonderful landscape image that benefits in no way whatsoever with this model doing an uncomfortable looking bored pose within the frame.

Art nude – people shooting nude women who try and pretend every which way that they are above shooting and looking at images of nude women.