TF Arrangements

Some questions often come up when I am arranging to work TF, so to save some time, I have listed my TF arrangements below. Everything in life of course is negotiable, but this is how I normally work on TF:-

  • The amount of images we end up with after the shoot and editing is done can vary greatly. It will depend on the amount of time we spend shooting and of course on how the shoot goes. As a very rough guide, we would get around 15 images from 4 hours of shooting (can be less if make up/clothes/location changes have taken a long time).

  • My editing process is not the quickest. It normally takes about 3 weeks for me to get the finished images back to you.

  • Collaboration – To me this is what TF is all about. I prefer to work with you on ideas and themes rather than me dictating what we do for the shoot. I do have plenty of ideas, but want to ensure you get what you want from our shoot as well.

  • Copyright – please feel free to Google for confirmation (or check this official government link as many photographers and models get confused about this. The photographer owns the copyright to the photograph irrelevant of who or what is in the photograph. The only exception to this is if the photographer takes the image as part of their normal employment – I am not employed to take photographs, so I own copyright to ALL of my images.

  • I will **NEVER WITHOUT EXCEPTION** give you all images from the shoot. Some will be badly lit, some out of focus, some solely for setting up the shot and some I just won’t like – In fact about 70% of them I will reject. I don’t know why anyone would want all the images from a shoot, but if you do, I am the wrong person to work with. I also do not give out the un-edited images from the shoot so you or someone else can edit them for you. If you don’t like how I have edited your shots then let me know, but you do not have my permission to re-edit or re-crop the finished images yourself or ask a friend to. A big part of my photography is how I decide to edit images. If you don’t like my editing style (and I appreciate its not everyone’s cup of tea) then maybe I am not the right photographer for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. Hopefully nothing here sounds too un-reasonable to you.